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Recruitment Brochure Tapping Key Record Book
Tapping Key
Our Price: $29.00
Record Book
Our Price: $50.00
Free brochures about Omicron Delta Kappa to help promote ODK to students, faculty, and staff at your school.
Please put the exact number you would like at checkout. MINIMUM ORDER is 50.
The tapping key makes a great accessory for new members or for an officer to wear during a tapping program. The key is polished bronze with blue enamel inlay. Comes with a 10K gold chain.
This beautifully bound hardcover book is the official record book for Circles. All new members should be recorded in an official record book. This should only be a replacement for the original record book if it was completely filled, lost, or damaged.
Podium Cloth ODK Black Tablecloth Ceremonial Key on Stand
Podium Cloth
Our Price: $130.00
ODK Black Tablecloth
Our Price: $225.00
Ceremonial Key on Stand
Our Price: $499.00
Used for initiation ceremonies. 18" x 40"; White satin, bordered in sky blue. Omicron Delta Kappa appears in black, and the OΔK key and tassel in gold. With weights to provide stability when draped on a lectern or podium. Black with white, blue, and silver O∆K logo
Wrinkle-Resistant Poplin
Fits standard 6' or 8' table (132" x 90")
All circles should have a ceremonial key for display as part of the Initiation Ritual. The Ceremonial Key is cast bronze with a brass support poll and polished oak base. 17" in height.